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Trevor Noah compares Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro to North Korean propaganda

"Wow, that Fox News shit was insane."

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah reacted to Friday’s news that the Republicans were pulling their healthcare bill. Over the weekend, Trump, Paul Ryan, and Congressional Republicans all played the blame game after their Obamacare replacement went down without a vote.

Trump blamed the Freedom Caucus for stopping the bill, but he also tweeted Sunday that everyone should watch Jeanine Pirro on Fox News that night. “I don’t know Judge Jeanine, but if the president is telling me to watch her show, I’ve got to watch,” Noah said. “I mean, I’m on a green card, I’m not trying to break the law.”

That night, Pirro “coincidentally” opened her show by calling for Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker of the House in clipped, angry tones. “Wow, that Fox News shit was insane,” Noah remarked. “In fact, it sounded just like North Korea’s propaganda news,” he said, showing a clip of a North Korean anchor using a similar tone.

Pirro tried to remove blame from Trump, saying no one expected him to be able to get this done. “No one expected the president to be a president?” Noah asked. She sounds “like a mom who’s blaming other kids for something her stupid son did willingly.”

During a commercial break, Trevor offered a perfect metaphor for what happened with the healthcare bill. Turns out Paul Ryan was just flexing with nothing to back it up.


    1. All that control and you can’t accomplish shit. Obamacare is alive and well… what the hell were republicans doing the past seven years? You sure didn’t create a viable healthcare plan! Where’s that wall Mexico was paying for? You call democrats crooked but your republican president is under investigation by the F.B.I. and before the election most republicans hated him. I’ll bet most still do… at least the intelligent ones.


    2. Nice language my Democratic friend! Obamacare is a disaster and everyone knows it and eventually it will either self implode or it will be fixed. The wall will be built and the F.B.I. will find nothing on this entire Russian hoax. Ford is staying in Michigan, jobs are being created, regulations are being rolled back, the stock market is on fire and consumer confidence is on the rise. No Republicans that I know of hate Trump and in fact they love what he is doing. Sit back and enjoy the ride for the next eight years and we will fix this mess! MAGA ?


    3. You ignorance bitch.Pussygrabber can’t pass any laws even when he has control.Pubes can’t govern.They even said this.You tired ofwinning.The aca is here to stay.No wall for Mr no balls.The court’s shut his illegal ban down.What you cowards gonna do but lose.


    4. Wow ?! I’m the ignorant one? May want to check your spelling my foul mouthed democratic friend! Many laws will be passed over the next eight years so just sit back and enjoy the ride! MAGA ?


  1. I’ll never understand, how an educated, supposedly intelligent woman could support the likes of 45.
    Much harder to understand are the excuses she makes for him!
    Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
    Judge, are you yourself so bigoted and hateful to support his horrible agenda?
    I sure hope to high Heaven that you never again sit over others in judgement!


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