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John Oliver tears into Trump’s proposed budget cuts to arts, education, anti-poverty programs

"You don't cut these agencies as a cost-saving measure. You do it as a f*ck you."

John Oliver broke down President Trump’s proposed budget on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight. The budget plan, which is really just a wish list for what Trump wants Congress to pass, has gotten a great deal of blow back from Democrats and Republicans alike.

The plan would cut funding to the National Endowment for the Arts, Meals on Wheels, after-school programs and the EPA, among other things. “You don’t cut these agencies as a cost-saving measure. You do it as a f*ck you,” said Oliver of the cuts.

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was the architect behind the plan and he explained that single mothers and miners shouldn’t have to pay for things like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds PBS. But as Oliver pointed out, Defense spending might protect America’s mothers, but Bob the Builder is the one saving their lives.

Republican Rep. Hal Rogers called the plan “draconian, careless, and counterproductive.” “A Republican saying that about budget cuts is like a toddler telling you, ‘This balloon f*cking sucks!’” Oliver joked. “Really? I really thought you liked those.”


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