Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert tries to reach Barack Obama via microwave

"By the way, President Obama, I miss you."

On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert mocked Kellyanne Conway’s comments on wiretapping by turning all his cameras into microwaves. While defending Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, Conway recently suggested that the former president turned microwaves into cameras.

“It’s true, microwaves that turn into cameras,” he said. “How do you think we film this show? Jim, show them Camera 3 over here.”

Colbert then turned to show that Camera 3 was, in fact, a microwave. He then went on with his monologue to discuss Conway’s declaration that she doesn’t have the wiretapping evidence because she’s not Inspector Gadget. But when a DING sounded, Colbert went back to the microwave to pull out a Hot Pocket.

He also stuck his head in and whispered “By the way, President Obama, I miss you,” just in case he was listening.


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