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Kate McKinnon’s Jeff Sessions continues to annoy Al Franken on SNL

"What's that? I'm sorry. These ears are just decorative."

Kate McKinnon has become the preeminent impressionist on Saturday Night Live, and could embody every member of the Trump administration if they’d let her. This week, she once again took aim at southern yokel Jeff Sessions on Weekend Update.

McKinnon’s Sessions showed up with Al Franken, played by Alex Moffat, to speak with Update host Colin Jost about claims Sessions made about Russia during his confirmation hearing.

Jost was surprised to see the two congressional rivals together. “people don’t realize this but Al and I are actually great friends,” Sessions admits. “That’s overstating it,” says Franken. “I once took Al white water rafting on the Chattahoochee River, and Al showed me Jew stuff,” Sessions explains, which, it turns out, means they went to a deli.

“It is true you caught old Brer Sessions in the liar patch again and I am powerful sorry, my friend,” Sessions says to Franken, but when Al tries to get Jeff to tell the truth, Sessions throws him for quite a few loops. Watch the clip to see Sessions’ antics.


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