Trevor Noah sings an ode to Trump’s ‘Forgotten Man’

On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah sang an ode to the people Trump forgot. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump declared that he would fight for the “forgotten” Americans, but his first two months in office have been dominated by appeals to moneyed interests.

“That’s right, Trump and his people will not forget you, unless you’re a Russian ambassador. Then, that never happened,” Noah said, before donning a cowboy outfit and singing, “The forgotten man, the forgotten man, Donald Trump is your friend.”

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“I would have started with the people myself, but lobbyists are people too,” Noah sang, then adding, “More pollution means more coal, more coal means more jobs, so who cares if they poison the streams?”

Cowboy Trevor eventually realized, “I’m starting to think Trump’s pulling a con and he don’t have the forgotten in mind.”


3 thoughts on “Trevor Noah sings an ode to Trump’s ‘Forgotten Man’

  1. I’ll take what congress is having for my healthcare! (When they are giving up their health insurance to have what they are foisting off on us – THEN it will be good enough for me!!!)


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