Conan Television

Trump and Obama talk about that ‘wiretapping thing’ in Conan’s latest audio leak

Trump: The birth certificate thing, now I'm accusing you of tapping my phones. We're like rivals! Obama: No, we're not. I'm an ex-president and you're an insane person.

On Tuesday’s Conan, Conan O’Brien leaked a clip of Donald Trump calling Barack Obama to talk about his wiretapping claims. The audio from the fake conversation reveals Trump asking the annoyed former president’s advice on a number of issues.

“But you know I didn’t do that,” Obama said of Trump’s claims on Twitter that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. “I know, but we still have to investigate it, otherwise it’ll look like I’m just mentally unstable,” Trump said.

“So you’re doubling down on the crazy thing you said, in order to not look crazy?” Obama asked. “Yes exactly!” Trump confirmed. “Two crazies multiplied together cancel each other out and make me not crazy. Simple math.”

They then went on to discuss Women’s History Month and Trump’s decision not to get a dog. Check it out below.


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