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Trevor Noah calls out Ben Carson for claiming slaves were ‘immigrants’

“Eddie Murphy came to America. Kunta Kinte was brought. Big difference, people!”

Trevor Noah called out Ben Carson on Tuesday’s Daily Show for claiming that slaves from Africa were “immigrants.” Noah also pointed out that Carson was not the only person to say that; even President Obama made the claim once.

“That’s one way to describe slavery! It makes them sound like they work at Wal-Mart,” Noah said, adding, “Look, I love Ben Carson, but calling slaves immigrants is like saying, ‘It’s not kidnapping, that person just got a free vacation in a basement!’”

Ben Carson tried to defend himself by pointing to the dictionary definition of “immigrants,” but Noah schooled him. “Eddie Murphy came to America,” he said. “Kunta Kinte was brought. Big difference, people!”

In a speech in 2015, President Obama made the claim, and as Noah pointed out, he looked like he immediately regretted it. But that doesn’t excuse it. “It doesn’t matter who said it,” the host continued. “Slaves weren’t immigrants. Because an immigrant has choice.”


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