Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert mocks Trump’s weekend Tweet-a-thon against Barack Obama

“The president has worked 0 days without a Twitter freakout.”

This weekend, Donald Trump returned to his old tweeting self after a week of almost seeming “presidential.” And on Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert spent his monologue breaking down the absurdity that emitted from Trump’s fingers, including his allegation that President Obama wire-tapped his phones during the election.

“And just like that, the White House had to reset their sign back to zero,” Colbert said, showing a poster that read, “The president has worked 0 days without a Twitter freakout.”

Trump sent out the tweet in question at 6:35 a.m. “Who wakes up that angry?” Colbert asked. “Somebody get this guy a Xanax. Or a bran muffin. Or a bran muffin stuffed with Xanax. Like a Branax.”

Trump also compared his Obama conspiracy to McCarthyism in one tweet, then in a following tweet, compared it to “Nixon/Watergate.”

“Pick your historical analogy!” Colbert exclaimed. Pretty soon Trump will add, “This is the Pearl Harbor of Hindenburg, Great Depression and D-Days, finale of Lost.”


  1. Anyone covering up or unwilling to investigate must be hiding something! Why else would they not want to find out what Russia was doing and why? They are all involved from top to bottom! Why are Republicans allowed to keep their ill gotten gains???


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