Stephen Colbert diagrams Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin

On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert drew out a diagram to make sense of President Trump’s relationship with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Ever since the election, more and more reports have leaked showing ties between Trump’s camp and Russia.

In the most recent leak, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was found to have spoken with the Russian ambassador. He then lied about it at his confirmation hearing. Days later, Trump went on a Twitter rant against Obama, presumably to distract from the Sessions news. In order to figure out what Trump was trying to hide, Colbert turned to his Figure-it-out-a-tron.

The chalkboard featured the names “Trump” and “Putin,” separated by a list of things that could possibly connect them, like Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Wikileaks. Stephen then suggested that “p” stands for Putin and, marking a “p” next to every word on the list, realized that “there’s just so much ‘p’—which again, stands for Putin. And these Putin pees are all raining down directly at Trump.”

0 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert diagrams Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin

  1. Stephen does the best satire on Trumpo! I loved last night’s bit about rumours that Trumpo’s staff had to distract the thin-skinned Cheetos from angry tweeting by showing him positive fake news..! So Stephen mocked him by pretending to distract Trumpo as if he was a cat or baby – and dangling a set of keys in front of the camera…!


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