Ivanka brings a black man to the White House in Funny or Die’s ‘Get Out’ parody

Jordan Peele’s Get Out has garnered both critical acclaim and box office success, but now the timely satire on race relations in America has earned itself the perfect parody treatment.

Funny or Die’s parody trailer “Get Out (of the White House)” intersplices clips from the hit thriller with clips of the Trumps as Ivanka brings a new boyfriend home to meet the family.

In Get Out, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a black man, visits his white girlfriend’s family for the first time only to discover that he should have stayed far away from white suburbia. In “Get Out (of the White House),” Chris is dating Ivanka Trump and he is meeting her father for the first time.

“I am the least racist person that you have ever met,” Donald Trump says to the nervous Chris. Cut to Chris trying to figure out why all the African Americans in the house are acting so weird: Omarosa, Ben Carson, Kanye West. Watch the trailer to see what happens when Chris asks too many questions about the Trump White House.


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