SNL Television

TBD: SNL’s Republican movie is still searching for its Trump-stopping hero

“It’s definitely not about Paul Ryan.”

Saturday Night Live roasted Republicans this week with a movie trailer devoted to the hero who went against his party to stand up for Trump. The only problem is, the hero is still To Be Determined.

“It was a country in chaos. A nation divided. Led by a president with unchecked power,” begins the trailer. “Until one Republican decided enough was enough. A patriot who put country over party. Who finally stood up for his nation’s founding values. A man by the name of… TBD.”

From there, the trailer for Courage, Compassion, Country: The TBD Story just becomes a series of unfinished scenes. “The conservative who became the voice of a generation,” the voice-over narration declares. “Voice of a generation TBD.”

Despite the unfinished and redacted narrative of this unknown hero, one thing is for sure. “It’s definitely not about Paul Ryan.”


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