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SNL lampoons men using feminism to pick up women in ‘Girl at a Bar’

"B**ch! I freakin' marched for you and you won't get down on this?!"

SNL’s Cecily Strong showed what it’s like to be a girl at a bar full of fake feminist men on this week’s Saturday Night Live. In the sketch, Strong sits at the bar to wait for a friend and is immediately approached by a guy with seemingly good intentions.

Beck Bennett greets her by saying, “Sorry, I’m not like a gross guy trying to hit on you or anything. I just—I can’t find a seat.” She gives him the benefit of the doubt and lets him sit. After chatting for a minute about how guys are “skeezy” and feminist shirts are cool, Bennett asks her on a date. But when Strong declines, the truth comes out.

“Okay bitch! I wear this shirt and you won’t even let me nut?!” Another guy, played by Kyle Mooney, quickly comes to the girl’s rescue and pushes Bennett aside. “What a nightmare,” he says. “Sorry about that. You alright?”

Of course, Mooney is quick to declare that he went to the Women’s March, but when Strong declines to go back to his place, she’s a “Bitch!”


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