Trevor Noah reveals the truth behind Trump’s ‘presidential’ act

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah dug into Trump’s speech to Congress, which many media outlets called “presidential.” Although Trump did have a more stately tone, Noah proved that it was all just an act.

“You don’t have to be a genius to know that Donald Trump is playing you!” Noah insisted.

“He’s pulled this shit over and over again. And every time, the media falls for it,” Noah said, before showing clips of pundits saying at different moments throughout the 2016 campaign that Trump was getting more presidential.

“Fake like you’re presidential and people will believe you’re presidential. This was the plan all along,” Noah said, showing side by side clips of Trump putting on his “presidential” act. “It’s not ‘Hamilton,’ but it’s a pretty good act.”

During the commercial break, Noah got serious with the audience about the media’s reaction to the speech. “It’s so crazy to see how many people are willing to accept heinous acts if you just dress it up in a nice, formal way.”

“That performance plus gerrymandering—Republicans can rule forever.”


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