Stephen Colbert dissects Trump’s ‘bizarrely normal’ speech to Congress

On Wednesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert wrapped up his discussion of Trump’s speech to Congress, which he began live after the speech Tuesday night. Trump spoke before Congress in such a manner that he almost seemed normal, and as Colbert pointed out, it’s “always comforting when the president surprises you by seeming plausible.”

Pundits and anchors reacted to the speech by talking about how it was a big shift for Trump. “Yes, he shifted from unhinged narcissist to hinged narcissist,” Colbert joked.

The real “shift,” though, was that Trump seemed to be more presidential, or as Colbert described him, “bizarrely normal.” But while the pundits were fawning over the new president, Stephen wasn’t so quick to fall in line.

“Trump may have changed his tone, but that didn’t change the content of what he said,” Colbert explained, pointing out that Trump maligned undocumented immigrants. “Just because you act presidential doesn’t mean you are.”


0 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert dissects Trump’s ‘bizarrely normal’ speech to Congress

  1. It was only normal if you speak Republicanese. I have not yet been able to swallow my pride enough to do so. It is amazing what people call normal. We really need to raise that bar.


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