Late Night Television

Seth Meyers scolds the media for fawning over Trump’s ‘presidential’ speech

“Seriously, do you have amnesia?”

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” Wednesday night at the media’s reaction to Donald Trump’s speech to the joint session of Congress. Trump read from a teleprompter without going off on any ranting tangents, so the media called it a “presidential” moment.

“As we know, Trump has spent the past year and a half lowering the bar when it comes to public speaking,” Meyers said. “So the fact that Trump managed to sustain a muted tone, that, for any other politician would be considered unremarkable and even a little boring, was itself seen as a huge victory last night.”

Pundits like Van Jones and Chris Wallace said Trump “became the President of the United States” during his speech. Meyers wasn’t having it. “I bet there are some Muslims and undocumented immigrants that would tell you he became president back in f—king January.”

“Seriously, do you have amnesia?” he asked. “Did you forget all the other times you’ve said the exact same thing?” Meyers insisted, “Let’s not get fooled again. We’ve been here with Trump before.”


  1. Houston….We have a problem! How do we get more people involved in their failing government? They will soon regret shutting off the news and pretending this problem doesn’t exist!


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