Late Night Television

Seth Meyers looks at how the GOP is dealing with angry constituents

"We’re all gonna need Tums, as I’m pretty sure it’s the thing Republicans have for a replacement to Obamacare.

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” on Thursday’s Late Night at how congressional Republicans have been dealing with angry voters in their local town halls. “While Trump is tweeting and hitting the links, Republican members of Congress are in their home districts dealing with constituents who are angry about Trump’s first month in office,” Meyers explained.

“Look, it’s not easy being a member of Congress these days, facing down angry voters at rowdy town halls, standing under those hot lights, getting yelled at by your constituents. I’m sure they’d love to get out of there and just relax for a while, like this guy,” he said, showing a picture of Trump golfing.

Senators like Jason Chaffetz and Tom Cotton have each been booed at their town halls, and as Meyers joked, Cotton looked “like a kid in a school play whose performance was so bad they called him back out on stage by himself so everyone could boo him.”

“GOP town halls have gotten so rowdy that even just mentioning the name of the vice president will earn you a defining round of boos,” Meyers remarked. “You have to give it to Mike Pence. He’s the only guy who can get booed at a Broadway musical in Manhattan, a town hall in Utah and a minor league baseball game in his home state of Indiana.”


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