Late Night Television

Seth Meyers tries to recap Trump’s ‘batsh*t crazy’ press conference

"What president hasn't had to say 'I'm not ranting and raving'? Who could forget Lincoln's tirade at Gettysburg, or FDR's fireside meltdowns?"

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” on Thursday’s Late Night at President Trump’s fist solo press conference as president. Meyers initially planned to dedicate his segment to Republicans repealing Obamacare, but then Trump surprised everyone by deciding to hold his first solo presser to talk about, well, everything.

“We had a draft that we felt good about… and then Donald Trump held what can only be described as a bats—t crazy press conference that rendered this script completely meaningless,” Meyers said, before shredding his Obamacare script. “Bye, dead jokes.”

As Trump was asked about everything from Russia to anti-semitism, he repeatedly shouted down reporters. Yet, he firmly declared that he was not “ranting and raving.”

“But again, what president hasn’t had to say ‘I’m not ranting and raving’?” asked Meyers. “Who could forget Lincoln’s tirade at Gettysburg, or FDR’s fireside meltdowns, and of course, Ronald Reagan’s famously saying, ‘Mr Gorbachev, if you don’t tear down this f—ing wall I’m gonna lose my shit!'”

Watch the clip to see Meyers break down the greatest hits of the manic press conference.


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