Samantha Bee: Trump’s ‘faithful husky’ Paul Ryan will never impeach him

Samantha Bee went after Paul Ryan on Wednesday’s Full Frontal as the House Speaker has  proven that he will be Donald Trump’s lap dog. This week, Trump forced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to resign amid his Russian scandal, but as Samantha Bee pointed out, he did so reluctantly, because Flynn was a loyal follower.

“Loyalty is everything to him, and nobody has adapted to that reality better than Speaker of the House and faithful husky Paul Ryan,” she said. This is surprising given Ryan’s history as a moral and intellectual leader of the Republican Party.

“How did a principled social and fiscal conservative like Ryan wind up in bed with a bigoted, adulterous grope machine who wants to blow $25 billion on a coyote urinal?”

Ryan opposed Trump for months before finally endorsing him and it all seemed like false sentiment. “Watching Ryan play moral watchdog was like watching Taylor Swift pretend to be surprised at an awards show: bland and fake, but weirdly compelling,” Bee said. “Take another cue from Taylor Swift, Mr. Speaker — know when to dump the guy you’ve only been pretending to like to help your career. It’s kind of hurting your moral-compass-of-the-party brand.”

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