Samantha Bee fires off on the ‘Great Unchecked Legislative F**kfest of 2017’

Samantha Bee warned on Wednesday’s Full Frontal that paying too much attention to Trump will distract from what Congress has been doing this month. “We are only one menstrual cycle into this presidency and there is blood in the water,” Bee said of the new administration. But instead of digging into more Trump news, Bee shined a light on the Republican-led Congress.

“In the past few weeks, while we were all staring directly into the eclipse of national security and democratic norms, we’ve been blind to something else,” Bee said. “Namely, our Republican Congress going hog-wild like Amish twins on Rumspringa.”

Congress has used its newfound freedom to roll back on the last six months worth of orders by the Obama administration, including laws put in place to keep coal companies from dumping debris in nearby streams, and the Endangered Species Act, which held back logging and drilling to protect animals.

“For God’s sake!” Bee cried. “‘Animals are awesome’ is the only safe topic of conversation most American families have left. . . Unfortunately, the guy who spends his life sealed in a no-pets Isengard in the middle of Manhattan and never wears anything but a suit isn’t what you’d call a nature lover.”

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