Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert tries to track the ‘bulls**t’ surrounding Michael Flynn’s resignation

"It's funny 'cause it's treason."

On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert tried to wrap his head around the leaks that led to former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation. Flynn was forced to resign Tuesday after intelligence officials revealed that he had been in contact with Russia during Trump’s presidential campaign and discussed sanctions with Russian leaders.

“He resigned last night — not because of a scandal,” Colbert explained. “He just wanted to spend more time with his Russian contacts.”

“Of course, this is a major betrayal of trust, and Donald Trump immediately condemned both Flynn and the Russians,” Colbert reported, but after a short pause, he said, “I’m just kidding.” Trump claimed the real story was all the leaks coming out of his White House.

“Now at first, Flynn denied all of this,” Colbert said. “But he got caught because, it turns out, we listen in on every phone call to the Russian ambassador. Who knew? Evidently, not the national security adviser, you dummy.” He then remarked, “It’s funny cause it’s treason.”

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