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Stephen Colbert and Christine Baranski mock GOP’s romantic response to Michael Flynn

Apparently, Rep. Chris Collins skipped Valentine's to talk about Michael Flynn on CNN.

Christine Baranski joined Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s Late Show to mock GOP Representative Chris Collins’ response to the Michael Flynn resignation. When Collins appeared on CNN to discuss the resignation, Chris Cuomo asked him why GOP leaders like Speaker Ryan hadn’t responded to the news yet. Collins suggested maybe they were all having Valentine’s breakfast with their wives.

To get the scoop on the story, Colbert talked to Collins’ own wife, Mary Sue (played here by Christine Baranski), to get the lowdown on why he was available for a CNN interview when no one else was.

“He was gone before I woke up, off to CNN. So I had breakfast for one,” Baranski said, presenting a large glass of wine.

When asked what all of her fellow congressional wives were up to that morning, she remarked, “Apparently all of them were elbow-deep in heart-shaped waffles. Good for them! I’m happy for them!”

“I’m sure Congressman Collins has a big surprise planned for whenever he gets done talking about Michael Flynn. I’ll bet they had Valentine’s Day lunch together. But he’ll be home for dinner. I’m sure of it….I have to be.” She then presented a second glass of wine and started chugging.

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