Trevor Noah roasts top Trump advisor Stephen ‘Smeagol-in-a-suit’ Miller

One of President Trump’s senior advisors, Stephen Miller, made the rounds on the Sunday news shows to make claims on everything from voter fraud to Trump’s supreme power. On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah looked at the Trump aide’s history and ripped into his performance on shows like Face the Nation and Meet the Press.

“All I was waiting for at the end of his interview was lightning and an evil laugh,” said Noah, after showing a clip of Miller telling John Dickerson on Face the Nation that Trump’s actions will “not be questioned.”

“What’s up with ‘Will not be questioned?'” asked Noah. “Sounds less like an argument and more like a line from Fifty Shades Darker.”

According to people who know the 31-year-old advisor a decade ago, he was hated in high school for making fun of minorities, opposing the club for gay students on campus, and refusing to pick up trash because it was the janitor’s job.

“It’s nice to see, like most of your friends from high school, not only has Miller not changed, he’s gotten worse.” Watch the clip to see more on every late night host’s latest victim.

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