Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert invites shady Trump advisor Stephen Miller to lie on his show

Stephen Miller will “go on any show, anywhere, anytime?” “Great! How about the Late Show, tomorrow, at the Ed Sullivan Theater?”

On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert invited Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller to come on his show to spout more “super crazy” claims about voter fraud.We’re four weeks into Trump’s presidency and still his administration is obsessed with conspiracy theories about voter fraud. This weekend, Miller made the rounds on the Sunday shows to defend the claims.

While on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Miller said the show was not the proper venue to lay out “all of the evidence.” Stephen cut in, “OK, how about some of the evidence? Maybe any of the evidence?”

Miller then claimed that he would “go on any show, anywhere, anytime” to prove that Trump’s claims were true. “Any show, anytime, anywhere?” Colbert asked. “Great! How about the Late Show, tomorrow, at the Ed Sullivan Theater?”

Colbert then showed what “any show” would really mean by editing Miller into shows like The Big Bang TheoryThe Walking Dead, and Stranger Things. Check it out below.


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