Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s weekend of foreign crises and Michael Flynn’s lies

A lot happened over the weekend, so Seth Meyers used Monday’s “Closer Look” to discuss a number of Trump’s most recent controversies. He began by discussing Trump’s meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Abe, who was forced into a now infamous handshake. “Abe’s face reminds me of the ancient Japanese saying, ‘What the f—k is up with this guy?'”

Meyers then moved on to the new information released about now-former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who lied about discussing sanctions with Russia last year, saying he didn’t remember if the topic of sanctions came up. “He talked to the Russian ambassador five times, but couldn’t be certain if they talked about Russian sanctions?” Meyers asked. “That’s like me saying I talked to Serena Williams on the phone five times but I can’t say for sure whether or not anyone mentioned tennis.”

Mike Pence backed Flynn’s version of the story when it came out. “Either Flynn straight-up lied to Mike Pence or Mike Pence lied to us. But of course, to Mike Pence, a lie is just a truth that hasn’t gone through conversion therapy yet,” joked Meyers.

Seth then went on to discuss the Trump administration’s continuing claims of mass voter fraud, inducing a claim that busses full of people from Massachusetts rode to New Hampshire to vote a second time. “I’m from New Hampshire and I can tell you we’d notice if thousands of people from Massachusetts showed up on buses. That’s the invasion we’re most afraid of.”

0 thoughts on “Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s weekend of foreign crises and Michael Flynn’s lies

  1. You know it is sad when comedy is the whole truth. I mean comedy writers do not even have to come up with punch lines You can just use the clusterfrack of this liar in chief and his best and good people around and gave an all day comedy show. Good for comedy. Bad for our nation. If bad is a strong enough description of this pres.


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