John Oliver pits Trump against reality in first ‘Last Week Tonight’ of the year

John Oliver returned to form Sunday night for his first episode of Last Week Tonight since Donald Trump took office. A lot has happened in just the first three weeks of Trump’s presidency, so Oliver had a lot to catch up on at the beginning of the show. But he chose to dedicate his main story to something against which Trump has launched his greatest attacks: Reality.

Oliver promised to try to answer the following four questions. One: How did we get a pathological liar in the White House? Two: Where are his lies coming from? Three: Why do so many people believe him? Four: What can we possibly do about it?

As John pointed out, Trump has a long history of lying. And while falsehoods about the size of his buildings were mostly harmless, his lies about Obama’s birth certificate, the murder rate in America, and the amount of refugees entering the states, among others, are dangerous.

“We were so accustomed to his nonsense, we could just shrug it off as ‘Donald being Donald.'” But now he is president, and these false beliefs are becoming American domestic and foreign policy. Watch the episode to see Oliver run down the danger behind Trump’s alternative reality.


0 thoughts on “John Oliver pits Trump against reality in first ‘Last Week Tonight’ of the year

  1. Got the right questions…… maybe a lot more Americans will really think. A large part of the population really still doesn’t get it. But most of them have not really traveled or ever got out of their comfort zones. It is not about money it is about enlightenment


  2. John oliver,samantha bee,Trevor noah,and the other late night funny people are pushing the hollywood elites and corporate medias agenda.If hillary were elected we would have heard nothing about her goldman sachs cabinet picks or civilians dying in yemen,or illegal immigrants who have commited felonies being deported even though it would still be happening.Using humor to do the democratic establishments bidding is the most perverse type of propaganda.They even marginalized Bernie sanders.


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