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Weekend Update’s Michael Che and Colin Jost recap another crazy week with Trump

"The pace of this presidency is exhausting."

On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che crammed another week of crazy into an 8 minute segment. This week included Trump’s continuing attacks on the media, and the federal ruling on the immigration ban.

The Ninth Circuit Court shut down Trump’s immigration ban last week and Trump was not pleased. “But I mean, who are they to judge?” asked Che. “Oh, federal judges? Oh yeah.”

“Honey, you can’t threaten federal judges with more court,” Che pointed out. “And you just lost in court! Trump’s the guy that gets his ass kicked in an alley and then is like, ‘Let’s take this outside!'”

Trump also falsely accused the media of failing to cover terrorist attacks, because “when he was flipping through the channels the other night, only TBS was brave enough to air the story of a brave American scientist gunned down by Libyans,” Jost said, as a picture of Doc Brown from Back to the Future appeared on the screen.

As Che put it, “The pace of this presidency is exhausting.”


  1. As long as you have a dysfunctional 45 in the WH, there will be chaos. He doesn’t have a clue how government works, he has no clear idea how leadership works. He fired all experienced key people and appointed more clueless friends who know as little as he does.
    Of course there is Chaos, no one THERE to pull it all together!


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