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SNL’s Kate McKinnon appears as Elizabeth Warren to grill the Weekend Update hosts

Jost: You really do not stop, Senator. Warren: No, I don’t. My Fitbit says ‘check engine.'

Elizabeth Warren is always working, according to a segment from this week’s Saturday Night Live. Kate McKinnon appeared as the Massachusetts senator on Saturday’s Weekend Update to grill Colin Jost and Michael Che about their roles on the show.

“You only perform on a 10-minute segment called — I have it here — Weekend Update?” she asked Jost. “And yet, you collect the same paycheck of someone who appears throughout the entire show?” Jost tried to explain that it was not that simple, but McKinnon’s Warren carried on.

“Is it not also true that you are currently a board member for Goldman Sachs?” she asked. “That is not true,” Jost replied, “Why does everyone keep asking me that?” Warren responded, “I think it’s the hair.”

“You really do not stop, Senator,” Jost told her. “No, I don’t,” she replied. “My Fitbit says ‘check engine.’”


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