SNL Television

Melissa McCarthy returns as Sean Spicer to wreak havoc on SNL’s press corps

“Spicy is going to explain so you dumb babies can understand it.”

After debuting her impression of a screaming, psycho Sean Spicer on last week’s Saturday Night Live, Melissa McCarthy returned this week to continue badgering the press corps and hawk a few pieces of Ivanka’s brand. “I would like to announce that I’m calm now!” screamed McCarthy before going off the rails once more.

As she did last week, McCarthy brought out a few props to make her point about the immigration ban. “You got Barbie coming in — nice American girl coming in from a dream vacation. We know she’s okay because she’s blonde. So she gets in. That’s easy. Now who’s next? Uh-oh. Moana!”

Spicer also had a fresh batch of terrorist attacks that the media has ignored. “The Bowling Green Massacre — not the Kellyanne one, the real one! The horror at Six Flags. The Slaughter at Fraggle Rock. The night they drove Old Dixie down.” Watch the clip to see more Spicer insanity.


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