Trevor Noah slams Trump administration for ignoring ‘white’ terrorism

Trevor Noah tore into the Trump administration on Tuesday’s Daily Show for blaming the media for ignoring terrorist attacks while simultaneously ignoring domestic terror attacks. Trump’s team released a list of “underreported” attacks, most of which, like the shootings in San Bernardino, Orlando, and Paris, were heavily reported.

“If anything I think the media reports about terrorism too much,” said Trevor. “Think about it. We know more about some dude in France who was waving a knife than we do about how Trump is taking financial regulation to a time back before the crash,” he continued, referring to the dismantling of Dodd-Frank.

Not only did the media report on most of the attacks listed, they also reported on attacks that weren’t listed, like the “white” terrorist attacks by Dylan Roof and the Planned Parenthood shooter. “It’s not like the Trump people didn’t see these attacks, they just don’t like to talk about them,” Noah claimed.

“When a Muslim person commits terror, it’s part of a deadly conspiracy, but when white extremists commit acts of terror over and over again, that’s merely a continuing series of isolated events.”


0 thoughts on “Trevor Noah slams Trump administration for ignoring ‘white’ terrorism

  1. Comparing White or Domestic Extremists to Muslim Terrorists completely denies what Islam (Islamic Terrorism anyway) is all about and is almost as bad as Trump banning all Muslims just coming from the other side of the coin


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