Jimmy Kimmel Live Television

Jimmy Kimmel introduces Trump TV, a news station that ‘feels right’

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Donald Trump has not only become the heir apparent to Stephen Colbert’s idea of “Truthiness,” he has taken it to a new level, spouting “alternative facts” and shouting down traditional new outlets as “fake news.” So on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel introduced Trump TV, a news station perfect for Trump, because it “feels right.”

Insiders have said President Trump spends much of his time watching TV in a bathrobe, so Trump will certainly have time to tune into Trump TV. The station features news like, “Our top stories: America finally gets tough down under,” then showing an image of kangaroos, asks, “What’s really in those pouches? Mexicans?”

“In other news, Press Secretary Sean Spicer had something very sexy to report,” said the reporter, cueing a clip of Spicer saying Trump didn’t even own a bathrobe. “Coming up: Why Mexico loves Trump more than ever!” and “Which religions are the worst?” Take a guess.


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