Trevor Noah rips Trump for attacking a federal judge over his travel ban

Trevor Noah ripped into President Trump on Monday’s Daily Show for attacking the federal judge who temporarily blocked his immigration ban. Or as Trevor put it, “Ten days ago when His Excellency, the Donald of Trump, commanded by executive order the banishment of all nationals of certain countries, he took for granted the fact that he’s not a f—ing king!”

“Damn, Trump just got shut down like he was one of his own casinos,” Trevor said, before giving the rundown on the case. James Robart, a federal judge in Washington, who was a Bush appointee, temporarily blocked the executive order that stopped travel of immigrants and refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries.

As a response, Trump took to Twitter to call him a “so-called judge” and suggest he should be blamed if anything bad happens to America. Noah mocked him for the statement, “Get me this court guy’s birth certificate. I bet it doesn’t say ‘judge’ anywhere!”

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