Trevor Noah declares Steve Bannon is the ‘real president,’ not Trump

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah gave a rundown of the acting presidents of the United States, the first of which is Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. One think is clear, Trevor declared, Donald Trump is not running the country. Ahead of him in the line of succession are Vladimir Putin, Jarvanka (a portmanteau of Jared Kushner and Ivanka), Fox News, and Steve Bannon.

The white supremacist Bannon has pushed his ideals on Trump’s administration and even tried to promote himself to the National Security Council by slipping the promotion into an executive order that Trump signed without reading. “How is this real life? This is insane,” Noah said. “The president didn’t know what was in the executive order.”

Bannon appeared on the cover of Time this month with the headline, “The Great Manipulator.” But when Joe Scarborough, on Trump’s favorite show Morning Joe, suggested Bannon is calling the shots, Trump tweeted an hour later, “I call the shots.”

For someone who spends his time watching TV and tweeting, Trump doesn’t seem like he has much control at all. So, “As of this moment, you are the real president,” Noah told Bannon. “The American people didn’t elect you. But then again, they kind of didn’t elect Trump either.”


0 thoughts on “Trevor Noah declares Steve Bannon is the ‘real president,’ not Trump

    1. You spell Barack Obama wrong. You ignorant and uneducated lip cards are exactly what’s wrong with America and this stupid ass little chant is exactly why Donald Trump won. At some point you idiots will figure it out but it’ll be far too late. Only the Democrats are dividing America and they started at 8 years ago. If you weren’t stupid you would have been able to keep up and been paying attention


  1. Trevor Noah had to flee South Africa to America on the pretense that because he was “light skinned” that he had to be killed.

    Yet he hates America more than his home country it seems. The mentality of liberals astounds me.


    1. “In 1992, Noah’s mother was married to Ngisaveni Abel Shingange, and while married they had two sons, Andrew and Isaac. She divorced him in 1996. In 2009, after she became engaged to Sfiso Khoza, Shingange shot her in the leg and head, stopping when the gun jammed; she survived as the bullet to the head avoided the brain and all major nerves and blood vessels. When Noah confronted him on the phone about the shooting, Shingange threatened his life, prompting Noah to leave Johannesburg for Los Angeles.”

      Where in that passage does it mention him fleeing to the US under racial pretenses? I’ll wait.


    2. I don’t think he hates America, he just has no proverbial “skin the game”. He’s in no uncertain terms, a tourist. Where someone like John Oliver, who has an American born son and is married to an Iraq War veteran, will become angry and say that “how can we let this happen, America is supposed to be better than this”, Trevor Noah just smiles and says “I don’t understand, America is so stupid”.

      Many keep waiting for some kind of honesty from Trevor Noah, but what ever point he tries to make is wrapped in banal pleasantries. It’s become grating.


    3. James Arthur Vawter maybe you slept through history class but fascism is amd always has been right wing.

      Case in point right now is trump ramming an alarmingly high amount of executive orders out in just two weeks, attempting to suppress the judicial branch, firing all cabinet members who stand up to him, and threatening state senators in his own party who oppose him.


    4. Stephen Bryce He’s not engaged in the material, because unlike someone like myself, Colbert or Stewart, he has no reason to care. Where someone else like Lee Camp would do a deep dive, Trevor Noah makes a few shallow points, and then smiles and says “I don’t understand, America is confusing, and aren’t I adorable, please like me”, as if that’s supposed to let him off the hook.

      This whole “outsider perspective” he brings is the same thing that I’d see when I’d go abroad, and someone would ask me about the U.S., and it’s filtered through a very NARROW prism of what they see on television, or what their own politicians tell them. What does Trevor Noah care about gun control? Or health care reform? Or our education system for that matter? He can just go back to South Africa. For that matter, the same would apply if I went to South Africa and tried to do a show about their politics.


    5. c’mon guys it’s obvious, if you talk against the right-wing it means you hate America, I mean it’s just so logical and obvious… Just typing this made my brain bleed a little and I had to stop to laugh a few times. This “logic” is no logic at all, speaking out against anyhting or anyone doesn’t mean you hate the country LOL!


  2. Elizabeth Warren was silenced last night trying to read a letter from Coretta Scott King. Basically, she was told “sit down little girl.” We all heard it very clearly. Later a different Senator(a man ) got the letter about racist, Jeff Sessions, into the record. He was not silenced. While I am glad it was read this is full I believe now I have enough proof that this full blown war against our sex. It’s time to start using the “N” word . I mean Nazi. All these Republican Nazis are drunk with power embolded by the Insane Orange Nazi , the head of their party. It is not the Republican party anymore it is the new American Nazi party.As far as I can see there is only one difference between the Orange Nazi and the original Nazi is the Orange Nazi has the Bomb.They must be stopped , they must be stopped now.


    1. Nazi party…Democrats in modern American! Fauxahontas does need to sit down and shut up. There’s a list of idiots in Washington and she’s among the top 10! Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Elizabeth Warren, and Maxine Waters…some of the dumbest people on earth. But what’s funny is they keep getting re-elected which means the people voting for them have got to be even dumber than they are! You really need to look up some history on Nazis. Those Ultra left-wing people just like every single other Mass murdering dictator in history were left wing radicals. All of the rioters in all of the protests since Trump won are nothing more than Adolf Hitler’s brown shirts. They are literally copying the brownshirts Playbook from the 19 thirties and the funniest part of all is the Nazis are calling their victims the Nazis. That’s mostly because there are no educated or intelligent liberals! Most of them are simply so stupid they don’t know what Nazis are the rest of them are playing by Saul alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and projecting themselves onto others to shut down any narrative.


  3. Shows you what a hate filled, non-American knows about the US government how the Electoral College works………kinda like the Snowflakes who are clueless as to the fact that we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC…….not Democracy and the popular vote doesn’t matter. This isn’t The Voice.


  4. Seriously? Like Valerie Jarrett was with Obama – that you all railed against daily? Oh, ya, you never bothered to notice, let alone speak out about it. Wise up, grow up or just shut up.


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