Late Night Television

Seth Meyers holds a fake press briefing to grill Sean Spicer

Meyers: What does Melania say to Donald after kissing? Spicer: I'm not gonna go any further.

Sean Spicer has been the butt of a few blistering late night segments in the last week, most notably, Melissa McCarthy’s psychotic portrayal on SNL. Most recently, on Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers conducted a fake press conference in order to ask Spicer some tough questions.

Using edited footage from Spicer’s press conferences, Meyers inserted himself into the press corp and fired off a few leading questions. “How soon after winning the election did President Trump start to regret ever running in the first place?” Meyers asked. “Approximately 20 minutes following the announcement,” responded edited footage of Spicer.

“Is it true that Tiffany Trump was spotted at the White House yesterday?” asked Meyers. “Not sure how she snuck in there,” said Spicer.

Watch the clip for more, including a question about Trump’s penis. “He may touch on it a little tonight,” Spicer replied. “I’ll leave it to him.”


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