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SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che recap Trump’s second week in office

"A federal judge last night temporarily blocked President Trump's travel ban from being enforced, but Trump's not too worried about it, because for him getting temporarily blocked is just foreplay."

On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che recapped the latest from Washington, as Donald Trump used his second week in office to sign more executive orders and bicker with more foreign leaders.

Trump signed 18 executive orders in 12 days. “His slogan should have been ‘Yes we can!'” Che said, referring to Obama’s campaign slogan but altering the meaning for Trump. “You can’t ban muslims. ‘Yes we can!'” As Che pointed out, though, Obama passed 19 orders in 12 days when he took office, but that was a different time, Che says, though he had a hard time explaining why other than, “We had a black president.”

The big story of the week was the backlash to Trump’s immigration ban. The order has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge, but that won’t deter Trump, “because for him, getting temporarily blocked is just foreplay,” remarked Jost. He went on to say that, through Trump’s presidency, we are getting to know so much about the world, like that Australia has a prime minister, and “we’re learning which Muslim countries are threats, and which Muslim countries have Trump hotels.”


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