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US immigration video gets hijacked by Trump’s Homeland Security on SNL

"Welcome to the United States, a land of opportunity, from [TRUMP TOWER] to shining [TRUMP TOWER]."

This week’s Saturday Night Live featured a US Customs video designed to welcome immigrants into the United States, but after Trump’s immigration ban, the video now has a few timely edits. It starts with Cecily Strong as a pleasant Customs agent instructing travelers on how to go about entering the country, but Beck Bennett plays a fast-talking bureaucrat who edits the video with new clarifications from his office at the Department of Homeland Security.

“Let’s go over a few documents you’ll need,” begins Cecily. “First, your US customs form. You’ll also need a valid passport from your country of origin—” Bennett interjects, “NOT INCLUDING: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, or Yemen, and maybe Australia? We’ll See.”

Once you’ve filled out “forms D-9, W-8, F-12, and D-9b, you’re almost done [getting started],” Bennett continues. “Effective immediately, all visitors will be subject to extreme vetting procedures including a highly detailed questionnaire,” he says, holding up a packet with one question: “Are you Muslim?” Check “yes” or “no.” He goes on, “We also need fingerprints, blood sample, urine sample, stool sample, and you will be required to eat a hot dog in front of us.”

Watch the clip for more, including the last minute change added to the end of the pre-taped video.


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