Seth Meyers recaps Trump’s weird and chaotic second week in office

Donald Trump has only been in office two weeks, but already he has had one of the most controversial presidencies of all time. On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at Trump’s second week in office and pointed out that it “has been as chaotic as his first.” He faced resistance to his travel ban, held bizarre phone calls with foreign leaders, and even botched a Black History Month speech by talking about Frederick Douglass as if he were still alive.

Jon Stewart calls out ‘purposeful vindictive chaos’ of President Trump

When asked about the Douglass remark, press secretary Sean Spicer also seemed to think he was alive. “Who among us wouldn’t panic if asked to recite stuff we learned in high school,” Meyers remarked, “but how did you not have time between the president’s comments and your press briefing to Google Frederick Douglass? And not his whole biography, but simple stuff like, ‘Is Frederick Douglass alive?’”

Meyers touched again on the backlash to Trump’s immigration order. When asked about the travel ban, Spicer said it’s not a ban and the lying media has gotten it wrong. “Yeah, where could the lying, dishonest media possibly get the idea that this is a ban?” Cue clips of Spicer, Trump, and Kellyanne Conway calling it a ban. “That’s a classic case of gotcha journalism, in that they gotcha on camera saying ‘ban’ like a million times!”

0 thoughts on “Seth Meyers recaps Trump’s weird and chaotic second week in office

  1. Well I know you thought I said (insert topic) but I really meant to say (blah blah), in fact I was actively thinking those words but you distracted me with your lying, cheating, media badness and caused the misstatement. You lying media hypocrite.


  2. Poor Seth.He really slammed Trump at a white house correspondence dinner and called him a joke for considering a presidential run.Who’s laughing now?These rich Hollywood liberals are out of touch with small town america.


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