Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert recaps Trump’s reality show-style Supreme Court announcement

"So You Think You Can SCOTUS?"

On Wednesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert recapped President Trump’s reality show-style announcement of the his Supreme Court nominee. Trump held a primetime reveal Tuesday night for what Colbert is calling, “So You Think You Can SCOTUS?” All Trump’s television experience couldn’t stop him from botching the announcement, though, as he said he is nominating Neil Gorsuch, “of the Supreme Court, to be of the Supreme Court.”

“Did he say he was already of the Supreme Court? Did Gorsuch like grow up there like a feral child, or something? Hiding under Alito’s robes, and surviving off whatever crumbs fell out of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s neck ruffle?”

Going on with the reality show theme, the Trump administration apparently invited the runner up, Judge Hardiman, to Washington in order to build suspense. Colbert pleads with PUTOS, “You already have us on the edge of our seats, sir. Please, I don’t think we can take any more thrills.”


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