Late Night Television

Late Night’s Amber Ruffin reads Trump’s Black History Month speech

"Now here's where we break from history."

February is Black History Month, so a month after America bid farewell to its first African American president, it only made sense that the new president would use his Black History Month speech to call CNN “fake news” again. On Wednesday’s Late Night, writer Amber Ruffin read the transcript of Trump’s speech, with a little commentary of her own.

One portion of the speech said, “You read all about Martin Luther King a week ago when somebody said I took the statue out of my office.” Amber paused to clarify, “Now here’s where we break from history,” before going back in to read Trump’s words. “It turned out that that was fake news. Fake news.” Amber explained, “Now this is where he gets a little sidetracked and starts complaining about the media.”

Watch the clip for more.


  1. We need better leaders. Rational, reasoning informed, intelligent, educated, know how to seek facts and information from knowledgeable people, understand people are the US and the world not corporations, reasonable restrictions on capitalism, wealthy pulling the part. Their wealth was made on the backs,of the working class and working poor. It was their sweat equity and their ideas. We need diplomacy and respect for rights of other races than white all genders and religion or non religious beliefs. Bullying americans,and other countries is not the way to being on a,better world and life for most. Make America America again.


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