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Woke up! Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj breaks down Trump’s ‘confusing af’ Muslim ban

"While a ban based explicitly on religion is probably illegal. One based on nation of origin isn't. Oh s**t! Loophole!"

No one in late night is more suited to satirize Trump’s ban on immigrants and refugees from Muslim-majority countries than The Daily Show‘s own Hasan Minhaj. The show’s Muslim correspondent has spoken out against Trump’s policies against Muslims before, but this time, he breaks it down for the internet in a new YouTube-style segment called ‘Hasan the Record.’

“Everybody’s like ‘Yo, is this the Muslim ban?'” Hasan asks. “No, it’s not the Muslim ban,” a clip of Trump responds. “Right, right. But is it?” Hasan asks again, before answering himself. “This may not be the Muslim ban, but it’s definitely a Muslim ban.” As he explains, a ban based purely on religion would be illegal, but a ban on country of origin is not. “Oh, shit! Loophole!”

Now “woke up!” and watch Hasan explain the Immigration and Nationality Act.

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