‘The Daily Show’s Muslim correspondent Hasan Minhaj rips Trump’s travel ban

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah and Muslim correspondent Hasan Minhaj reacted to President Trump’s order to ban travelers and refugees from Muslim-majority countries. Trevor began the segment by ridiculing Trump and joking about how, under Trump, people are now willing to go to the airport even when they don’t need to. But the real power of this clip, though, came when Hasan Minhaj took over.

Minhaj gave a shout out to all of his “Republican friends” who promised that Trump would not actually go through with the ban he promised on the campaign trail. But of course, as we saw last week. Trump is prepared to do everything he said he would. “What the f—k?” Minhaj asked. “So we are getting banned?”

Hasan then pointed out the “beautiful irony” of Trump’s ban. “Just look at what he’s done at the airport. White women were turning their scarves into hijabs. Muslims were publicly praying and people were cheering them on!” Trump has been terrified of the spread of Islam, but as protesters are now holding signs like “We are all Muslims now,” Hasan could only say, “Well congratulations, Mr. President, mission accomplished.”

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