Samantha Bee celebrates Women’s March with ‘Quiet’ choir performance

women's march samantha bee

On Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee celebrated the millions of people across the globe who marched for women’s rights last Saturday. “Going to the Women’s March was like waking up from a nightmare to find that the monster was real but all your friends were there with sticks and torches and unflattering hats to beat back the darkness,” Bee said. “If only we’d known sooner that all you have to do to get white women to show up to a protest is to give them a craft,” she joked, referring to the pink pussyhats.

After ripping into conservative pundits for calling this a “liberal” march out of touch with middle America, despite the fact that there were hundreds of marches all over the heartland, Bee introduced a group of women who made an impression at the march. The #ICantKeepQuiet a cappella choir, made up of artist Milck and members of the GW Sirens and Capital Blend, met at the march to perform ‘Quiet,’ an anthem which has since gone viral. Watch the video to see their moving performance.

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