Trump’s inauguration gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment

Trump: Now I pretend that I like you, but I hate you inside. Obama: You're a creep.

Donald Trump’s inauguration, which has been mercilessly mocked by the internet since it occurred last Friday, has finally gotten it’s official Youtube badge of absurdity. The popular channel, Bad Lip Reading, has treated coverage of the ceremony to a fresh edit, with made-up conversations that match perfectly with the lips of the Trumps, Obamas, and other attendees.

“I’m important…You want to be me, don’t you?” Trump says as he shakes hands with congressional leaders. “Oh, surprise! I have some pretzels for you!” Melania utters as she hands Michelle a present. “You suck. Now’s your chance. Call it off,” Barack declares, to which Donald responds, “You can be a funny wiener, can’t you?” Watch the clip for more of the usual silliness.


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