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Trevor Noah reacts to Trump’s first dozen executive orders

"They say it's not a Muslim ban, but it is. Like, he's just banning immigration from countries that just happen to almost entirely be Muslim. It's like if, instead of banning black people, Trump banned people who use cocoa butter."

In his first five days, President Trump passed a dozen executive orders on a wide array of issues, and on Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah broke down the latest orders from the Oval Office, including declaring his own inauguration a national holiday, reviving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, and declaring a Mexican border wall be built.

“But all he did was sign a piece of paper,” said Trevor. “which is normally how Trump gets things built…but in this case, he still needs Congress to allocate the money for it. So basically, this is like when a kid makes one of their Christmas lists.” That doesn’t mean these things won’t happen though. And with support from Speaker Paul Ryan, they probably will.


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