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Trevor Noah slams ‘alternative facts’ press secretary Sean Spicer

"Wait, did he just say unemployment isn't a number, it's a feeling?"

Sean Spicer has had quite the long weekend. On Saturday, he lied to the media about the number of people at Trump’s inauguration. Sunday, Kellyanne Conway tried to pass off his claim as “alternative facts.” So Monday, Spicer held his “first press conference” to give himself a second chance to act like a real press secretary. As Trevor Noah showed on Tuesday’s Daily Show, he could have tried harder.

One of the most egregious responses Spicer made to a question Monday was when asked whether or not Trump still believes the unemployment rate is at 42 percent. “It’s not just a number to him,” Spicer said of Trump. “He’s not just focused on statistics as much as he is about whether the American people are doing better as a whole.”

“Wait, did he just say unemployment isn’t a number, it’s a feeling? This guy would be the worst ESPN reporter ever,” Trevor joked, then mocking Spicer’s recap. “And what a Super Bowl, Jim. Final score: Patriots, Falcons feeling good in America.” Watch the clip for more.


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