Billy on the Street Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert and Billy Eichner ask New Yorkers about Trump

"Rest in peace, America."

On Tuesday’s Billy on the Street, Stephen Colbert joined Billy Eichner to ask New Yorkers about living in a “so-called New York bubble.” Billy, who declares himself a “proudly elitist gay Jewish liberal native New Yorker piece of shit snowflake,” dragged Colbert through the streets to ask residents what they think of their “bubble” and what they would say to Donald Trump.

“You’ve gotta dig to go a little deeper in your soul and not be such a shallow creep,” one woman advised Trump. “I’m actually very concerned about the people he’s bringing into his cabinet. He’s opening Pandora’s Box.” Stephen then added, “He actually grabbed Pandora’s box without asking permission.”

“I like being in my New York bubble,” Billy declared. “It’s the best bubble! I even want to be in a smaller bubble.” He then jumped in a giant inflatable bubble and twirled away. Expect nothing less from Billy Eichner.


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