Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert tries to come to grips with a Donald Trump presidency

"If you're just waking from a coma...we're just as confused as you are and we've been awake this whole time."

Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States and Stephen Colbert broke the news to everyone waking up from a coma. “Bad timing, first of all,” he joked, “Listen, we’re just as confused as you are, and we’ve been awake this whole time.”

“If it seemed a little dark in the capital, it was either because it was overcast, or because Michelle Obama was throwing sooo much shade,” Stephen pointed out, showing a picture of Michelle looking fierce. He also noted that the minister who opened the ceremony quoted the Bible saying the humble will inherit the earth. “Yes, the humble inherit the earth, people who brag a lot get the United States of America.” Watch the clip for more.

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