Trevor Noah slams Betsy DeVos for pitiful confirmation hearing performance

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah tore into Betsy DeVos, Trump’s choice for education secretary. During her congressional hearing, the charter school advocate refused to fully answer numerous questions about federal funding for schools and regulations that support disabled students. “Every subject she got at the hearing. Failed. Failed. Failed. Failed ― except Donations 101,” said Noah.

Despite her terrible performance at the hearing, she will surely get the job anyway. “And that’s why I feel like this hearing was a perfect metaphor for the worst of the education system in America,” Noah said. “Here’s a student who’s clearly not proficient in the required subject matter, but because of the system, we know they’re still going to get pushed through.”

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0 thoughts on “Trevor Noah slams Betsy DeVos for pitiful confirmation hearing performance

  1. Time to stand with your local public school! Volunteer! Donate time, money whatever it takes to keep our schools running for the next four years despite her best efforts to defund and shut them down!


  2. Why even have these hearings? They are all going to be rubber stamped. Pathetic people being appointed to head departments that they have no idea what the agenda is. They will just hand things off to their subordinates while the country goes to hell.


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