Lewis Black returns to The Daily Show for an epic rant on Trump’s inauguration

Lewis Black is the angriest man in comedy. So angry, in fact, that he played anger-incarnate in Pixar’s Inside Out. And in the run up to Donald Trump’s inauguration, Lewis Black seems to have a lot to be angry about. Black returned to The Daily Show Tuesday to let off some of that steam in his recurring segment, “Back in Black.”

Black is mostly angry about how terrible the inauguration is shaping up to be. He says it’s going to be “as exciting as birdwatching with a tax attorney,” because nobody wants to go and musicians are dropping out daily. “Personally, I don’t give two sh–s whether famous people are lining up to serenade the new president,” Black says in the clip. “I got my tickets and I’m going to go no matter what because I want to be there when Trump touches the Bible and his hand catches on fire.”

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE3MPHBJkcQ”/%5D

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