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Trevor Noah suspects Trump ran for president to avoid his sons

"Sorry, Eric, can't talk. Conflict of interest."

Donald Trump held his first press conference in six months Wednesday, and Trevor Noah criticized him that night for his “authoritarian” relationship with the press. But Trevor wasn’t done talking about the combative event, so on Thursday’s Daily Show, Noah continued to mock Trump for his latest bit of political theater.

One of the biggest aspects of the presser was Trump’s assurance that he will step down from his company and let his sons blindly run it. “What if the only reason Trump ran for president was so that he wouldn’t have to talk to his sons for four years? Maybe that’s the entire reason,” Trevor speculated. “Sorry, Eric, can’t talk. Conflict of interest.” Watch the clip for more.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZFTCUZt6sc”/%5D


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