Late Night Television

Seth Meyers blasts Trump for filling his cabinet with CEOs and tycoons

"I guess when they drained that swamp there was oil at the bottom!"

On Tuesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers once again questioned Donald Trump’s integrity as it has become increasingly clear he will not “drain the swamp” in Washington. Trump campaigned as the people’s candidate who would fight for the working class and rid Washington of lobbyists and monied interests. But a month after his election, he has already chosen numerous former lobbyists and CEOs to run his administration. “It’s not just that Trump’s cabinet picks are rich that makes them problematic. This is a capitalist nation and there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with getting rich,” Meyers said. “It’s just that for many of his choices, their records don’t necessarily suggest that they’ll be a champion of working people.” Watch the clip for more.

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